Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What You Need to Know for Passport Application/Renewal at DFA Cebu

People were very helpful when I needed information on how to renew my passport and get one for my 10-month-old son, so I thought I'd pay it forward. Here's what I learned from my (short!) time at DFA Cebu.

First: the basics.
  • The Department of Foreign Affairs, where you'll be getting your passport, is at the Pacific Mall in Mandaue City, Cebu. (Pacific Mall used to be known as Metro [Gaisano] Mandaue.)
  • [UPDATE:] The opening hours of DFA Cebu are Mondays to Fridays 9 AM-6 PM and Saturdays 9 AM-3 PM. If you have questions, you can call them at (032) 520-5898 and (032) 520-6193. You may also contact them via email at cebu.rco@dfa.gov.ph or dfacebu@yahoo.com.
  • You can get an application form from the DFA security guard.
  • The documentary requirements are detailed in the DFA website: New Applications / Passport Renewal. Have everything photocopied.


  • Minors (those below 8 years old, if I heard the guard correctly) and senior citizens (over 60 years old) are given priority, as are pregnant women and persons with disabilities AND the persons with whom they're processing their passports. If you've got any of these priority applicants in your family, strongly consider getting your passport at the same time they are. (For "strongly consider," read: "you'd be out of your mind if you don't.")
  • Don't panic if you forget to photocopy something -- there's a photocopier inside the DFA itself (P3/page).

This is what the schedule at the DFA looks like:

As early as midnight

  • People start queueing for priority numbers.

7:00 AM

  • The security guard gives out priority numbers to those in the queue. 
  • A DFA staff member collects the application forms of priority applicants: minors, seniors, pregnant women, PWD's, and members of their party. This early collection is done so that their information can be encoded ahead of time.

Shortly before 9:00 AM

  • The guard admits all priority applicants and their companions to the building, where they proceed to the DFA office at the 4th floor. 
  • Another guard right outside the office doors will give instructions (sit down first, form a queue, et cetera). 
  • Once admitted to the office, those who were able to submit their forms at 7 AM can go straight in and are called first. 
  • Those who weren't able to submit their forms earlier should stop by the Information desk to hand their forms to the receptionist, who will then have these encoded. 
  • Everyone sits and waits for their names to be called.

9:00 AM

  • Another guard starts calling the names of priority applicants. When your name is called, you are told which counter to approach. 
  • At the counter, present all your documents. 
  • Once your documents are examined and approved, you proceed to the cashier. (It's P950 for regular processing, and you will make the cashier very happy if you bring the exact amount.) 
  • After paying, you get your photo taken and verify all your information. You then sign a form that says everything (spelling, dates, other info) is as it should be, and you are then told when to come back to get your passport.

10:00 AM

  • The rest of the [non-priority] applicants are admitted to the DFA office. Since they're given priority numbers, I suppose that's how they are called to the counters, instead of by their names. I'm not sure of this because by 10 AM we were already having our photos taken in another room.

My parents, my 10-month-old son, and I arrived at the DFA at around 8 AM, so we weren't able to submit our forms by 7 AM for encoding, but we still managed to get everything done before 10:30 AM. Not bad for a government agency, huh?


desiree atay said...

Thank you for this information, i really appreciate it so much. It's really helpful. I have a question, do i need to secure first the confirmed appointment, stated in the requirements for passport.?? thank you again.

Ligaya said...

Hi desiree! Happy to help. No, you don't need to secure an appointment. I don't think DFA Cebu has an appointment system; they just use priority numbers on a first-come-first-served basis. Thanks for dropping by.

desiree atay said...

oh thanks, that's a relief, now i only have one problem, should i pass at least 3 supporting documents ? hehe.. thank you so much

Ligaya said...

The DFA website said at least 3. I don't know if they will actually deny your application or make you come back if you have less than 3. What I do know is that they took the photocopies of all the supporting documents we prepared. Pag-prepare na lang jud 3 para sure hehe.

desiree atay said...

HAHAHHA,, bitaw noh, sige thank you kaayo, I was planning to apply for passport man gud, may be next week, thanks for the info.. God Speed!

Azhure said...

Hi, ask unta ko if mga unsa orasa mi kinahanglan muadto? Ingon ang uban kay kadlawon kuno?thanks kaau sa info

Ligaya said...

Hi Azhure! The guard distributes priority numbers at 7 AM but people start lining up way before that time. The earlier you go, the better your priority number will be. However, if you have a priority applicant with you (such as a minor or a senior citizen), you won't need to line up for a priority number.

Anonymous said...

hello good morning,
I am wondering though if you have any idea on how to reach dfa cebu if am from dipolog city area?
i was supposed to renew my passport in zambo city but because of the current situation here, i decided to just go to cdo but i am rethinking of just doing it in cebu as we dont know really the safety measures of the road etc.
from cebu port, can you please help me reach dfa using public transpo? i dont wanna use a taxi as my budget is tight.. any info is much appreciated.. Thank you very much...

Ael of Dipolog City

Ligaya said...

Hi Ael! To be honest, I'm note really familiar with the port area, so I'm not sure what jeepneys you can take from there to Pacific Mall. I did post your question on Facebook, and someone told me that you can take the 21A or 21D jeepneys.

Here are links to those jeepney routes:

21A - http://cebujeepneys.weebly.com/21a.html

21D - http://cebujeepneys.weebly.com/21d.html

And then I think you can use Google map to figure out which one would pass nearer to the port where your ship docks.

June july said...

hi hello , what about passport renewal...the same requirements ???

June july said...

hi hello...what about passport renewal..the same requirements? tanx

Ligaya said...

Hi June July. The phrase "Passport Renewal" (2nd paragraph) has a link to the DFA site for requirements. You can check that out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Good morning, ask lang po ako. Kakasal ko lang po noong november 28, 2013.Nag try po akong kumuha ng Marriage Contract issued by the NSO pero unfortunately po hindi pa po pwede kasi bago pa ho akong kasal. Tanong ko lang po a.aprove.bahan po ba sa DFA if Marriage Contract from the LCR ang ipapakita ko? Ngayong 2014, sa Pacific Mall pa rin ho ba ang kwa.anan ng Passport? Thank you po & Godbless. More poweer. ^_^

Ligaya said...

Hi [Anonymous 1/15/2014],

Sorry for the late reply! I really don't know the answer to your question. I think the best thing to do would be to ask DFA itself. At any rate, it's been 3 months since you got married, so I hope by now it's a moot issue. Pacific Mall pa rin, as far as I know. Hope it works out for you!

May Joy Feniza said...

Hi mam, ds is Joy..ask lng po ako if what time pwede mgclaim ng.passport? do they accommodate even on Saturday? is it based on mall hours or hanggang 5PM lng cut off nla to claim the passport?

Ligaya said...

Hi Joy! I'm sorry I don't know the answer to that. I think the best thing to do would be to call them and ask.

Anonymous said...

does dfa cebu already have the online appointment system?

chkezel said...

hi..just want to ask if kinahanglan ba affidavit of consent to travel?,passport will be for my three kids,ages 17,12 and 10 yrs.old.If naa will it be for each minor or pwede na isa lng pra nila?Open ba dfa cebu on saturday? thanks a lot,will really appreciate ur answer..

Ligaya said...

Hi chkezel!

Wala na ko nag-prepare ug affidavit of consent for my son kay I also asked the other mums who got passports for their kids and wala man sad sila nag-submit. Wala ra man pod nangita ang tig-process sa papers didto sa DFA. I think as long as you are with your kids when they get their passports, they won't look for an affidavit na.

DFA is open on Saturday according to their website:

Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ligaya! My parents who are already senior citizens (in their 80s) are planning to renew their passports. You mentioned that they dont need to get priority #s. You mean they will still be accommodated even if we'll get there at past 9am or maybe 10? We're from bohol & the earliest fast craft will leave @ 7am. Also, wanna ask if I'll be allowed to accompany them inside. Thank you so much in anticipation for your reply. God bless!

Ligaya said...

Hi Anonymous from 3/30/2014!

Yes, they will still be accommodated and treated as priority applicants even if you get there at 10 AM. I know someone who actually arrived there afternoon na, and it took them less than an hour to go through the entire process. And yes you will be allowed to accompany them inside. Good luck and thanks for dropping by!

Ligaya said...

Hi Anonymous from 3/10/2014,

So sorry I didn't notice your question till now. As far as I know, they don't have the online appointment system yet.

Anonymous said...

Thank u for the info Ligaya.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Any idea until what time they still accept applicants, say if we get there by 10am already? Would you know if priority nos. still released at that time?

Ligaya said...

Hi Anonymous from 4/9/2014,

Usually, all the priority numbers are distributed at 7 AM.

When we got there just before 8 AM, there were no more priority numbers.

The guard told those who weren't able to get priority numbers that they *might* still be able to process their applications, but only after all the people with priority numbers are done, usually by mid- to late afternoon. And it's not guaranteed. I wouldn't advise going there at 10 AM unless you are with a priority applicant (senior citizen, child, pregnant woman, PWD).