Tuesday, July 2, 2013

If the shoe fits

What's the difference between a guy who wants to earn extra income, a guy who wants to earn extra income, and a guy who wants to earn extra income?

Apparently, their friends.

So one guy gets away with the sideline work outsourced from his old company -- that he later quit is beside the point -- and one guy gets away with actually having his own company, and -- let's not forget -- the right little madam gets away with having a side project and actually recruiting a couple of people to work on it. And M? Wrong friends. Sorry.

The hypocrisy would be revolting if it wasn't kind of a little funny.

I wonder, though, how people can live like that. I wonder what it's like to always be looking over your shoulder, unsure if there's someone lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike, and so you determine to strike first, a good offense being the best defense. And what a farce if there's really no one there -- a bit like hiding and there's no one looking for you.

Well, hey. Live and let live.

And if I occasionally entertain doubts about whether I did the right thing in giving up a ridiculously decent income and the chance to say "I'm vice president of a healthcare advertising agency" when anyone asks? I search my soul and I have my answer: it's still there. I haven't sold it. I suppose self-respect can't put food on the table or kids through college, but it still means a lot to me that I haven't resorted to whoring, literally or figuratively.

So I kick the dust off my feet, do a Danielle, and let others stew in a broth of their own making. I haven't got it made, sure. My clothes are old, I don't know what I'll be doing a month from now, and the only pool in my house is the one from a leaking roof, but I would still rather be me. Cheers.

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