Wednesday, March 7, 2012

options for doctors

At the risk of being the bad guy who entices doctors away from their professions -- and I'm not even enticing, I'm just saying there are options -- I'm sharing a few excerpts from a Medscape article entitled "Tired of Being a Doctor? Choices for Opting Out of Medicine."
"In 2010, 24% of the 2400 physicians responding to a Physician's Foundation survey said they plan to drop out of clinical practice in the next 1 to 3 years by switching jobs. Of those, half said they plan to find a nonclinical job within healthcare, while the other half plan to leave healthcare entirely."

"'Physicians are generally well suited to do almost anything they want,' says Heather Fork, MD, an Austin, Texas-based career coach. 'If they've made it far enough to become a physician it means they're intelligent, dedicated, hardworking and able to work under stress and pressure. Those are qualities that can be applied to any career. The door is wide open, but I think a lot of physicians underestimate what they're capable of.'"

"Medicine is a specialized and in many ways isolating profession, he says. As a result, 'doctors don't know enough people who work in nonmedical settings. They are very uninformed, and so they're skeptical about making big shifts.'"

"Self-assessment is essential for anyone looking to make a transition, Dr. Fork says. People need to have a firm grasp of bread-and-butter issues: How long can I afford not to work? Do my spouse and family support my decision? How much do I need to earn? But they also need to have a firm grasp of their skills and interests. 'They need to see what sort of an environment they want to work in and how they'll make a difference in the world going forward,' she says."
There are many ways to save the world.

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