Wednesday, March 7, 2012

keeping dinners down with The Voice

Watching The Voice is one of the things that help me keep my breakfast down. I tend to puke less when I'm distracted, and The Voice is a great distraction. I could look at Blake Shelton all day, and Adam Levine just radiates cuteness and creative sensibility. The coaches make me laugh, and even Carson Daly's droopy eyes have grown on me. And then, of course, there's the music.

(If you don't do anything else all day, do this at least: watch THIS cut from the latest Voice episode. Jesse Campbell and Anthony Evans, one of the first two pairs from Christina Aguilera's team to go into the Battle Rounds, totally kill Alicia Keys' song If I Ain't Got You.)

Aivan and I actually watched the first season of The Voice several months late, and I think we were able to watch all Season 1 episodes in one weekend. The fresh format, the talent level of the contestants and the banter between the coaches keep the show interesting. Even Christina Aguilera's often off-putting outfits are somehow refreshing and more genuine when contrasted with the perfectly packaged Jennifer Lopez of American Idol, whose wide smile always makes me feel there's something not real about her. CeeLo Green is by turns erudite and sleazy, which makes me laugh, as does the bromance between Adam and Blake. So thanks, The Voice, for making my Wednesdays bearable. (Yes, the show's on Monday nights in the US, but the first chance I get to download watch it is Wednesdays.)

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bricalz said...

Yup that matchup between the two is something like the one in the first season from the one on, I think, Cee-Lo's team with Vicky Martinez against an equally powerful and great ambot kinsa to singing Pink "Effin Perfect."