Monday, June 29, 2009

Problem-Based Learning: Real Life // Module 1: The Things They Never Tell You About

Problem-Based Learning: Real Life
Module 1: The Things They Never Tell You About

Case #1
During an annual physical examination, your patient, a 25-year-old female call center agent, has no subjective complaints. (Although, the way she answers your questions, you are apparently wasting her time.) Vital signs are within normal limits. She is conscious, coherent, but borderline uncooperative. When you say you will be performing a breast exam, she gives you a stare and demands, "Why?" She complains about the rectal and genital exam being part of the physical examination, but (unfortunately for you) she agrees to go through with them. As you prepare to poke your hitherto fragrant finger into her butt, she says haughtily, "Do you know, doctor, that I earn more than you do?"

Ano ang gagawin mo?

Case #2
Having completed your residency training, and taken your written and oral exams, you decide to rent clinic space, which you share with 2 other doctors. The doctor who holds clinic before you subtly keeps on extending her time. Since she is your senior, you have so far decided not to complain. You charge a professional fee of P150 per patient. Your clientele are in the C/D class, after all, and you are just starting out. During the past 3 months, you have averaged a total of only 20 patients per month. You pay a monthly rent of P5,000, plus P1,000 as your share of the secretary's salary.

Ano ang gagawin mo?

Case #3
You are conducting a pre-employment physical examination on a female patient, and their company requires them to undergo a complete physical examination, including a rectal and genital exam. The patient appears uncomfortable while you're examining her external genitalia but does not say a word. (You are a female physician, by the way.) A week later, you learn that the patient has filed an incident report with the company's HR department, complaining that you performed a vaginal exam, and asking why rectal and genital exams are necessary. The company asks you to explain.

A million things run through your head: the patient is a complete anatomy ignoramus...the stupid company was the one who required rectal and genital exams, in the first place, but could they explain that to their employee,'s not like you want to perform those exams, in fact you would really rather not, but did them so the patient's application would not be classified as pending...d*mn the whole lot of them...

Your clinic manager sees the smoke coming out of your ears, pats your arm understandingly, but cautions, "This is our biggest client. Try not to upset them with your response, okay?"

Ano ang gagawin mo?

These aren't my own experiences, but they're real-life experiences nonetheless. Apparently, the things they don't tell you about in med school could burst your aneurysm, if you had one. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

con men making asses of themselves, girls getting caught and crying foul, etc.

Con Us

If for no other reason than that I don't trust anyone in the present government to do anything right, I am against the move to amend our Constitution.

And because "Con-Ass" is a really stupid-sounding term! Cha-cha, con-con, con-ass... Can't anyone come up with something even remotely respectable? Although, in the sense that there's a bunch of asses in the Congress trying to con us, Con-Ass is unfortunately accurate, as terms go.

If, like me, you don't actually have a clear idea of what's going on, the Philippine Daily Inquirer has an archive of all articles related to Charter Change.

Some of the Things I Learned

[Bayan Muna party-list Rep. Teodoro CasiƱo] said one of the sponsors of the resolution had admitted on the floor that the "whereas clause" in the resolution that prohibits the term extension of the incumbent president...and that there would be elections in 2010 was "not binding."

Gabriela party-list Rep. Liza Maza asked one of the sponsors, Cavite Rep. Elpidio Barzaga Jr., if it was possible under the resolution to postpone the 2010 elections.

"Everything is possible, but it depends on the sound judgment of our colleagues," Barzaga said.

(Then heaven help us. -ME)

There is no reason to take House Resolution No. 1109 to the Supreme Court because what the majority members in the House of Representatives essentially did on Tuesday night was to announce that they would commit a crime, constitutionalist Fr. Joaquin Bernas said Thursday.

To this, Nograles's reply was curt: "[They have] my word. No term extension during my watch. What else can I say?"

(President Arroyo also gave her word that she wouldn't run in the previous elections. If I paid you a hundred pesos for your word, you'd have to give me P99 change -- that's how much anyone's word is worth at this point in Philippine politics. -STILL ME)

On Other Matters

It's a really cheap trick to get married just before the election so you could benefit from whatever star power your wife-to-be has got. Whatever chances Mar Roxas may have had on getting my vote is almost all gone. And I've never liked Korina anyway. Cheap, cheap, cheap. As a girl, I resent it. As someone who wants to be married someday and values marriage for what it is and not for what it incidentally brings, I resent it. As a voter who doesn't like being thought stupid enough to fall for stunts like that, I resent it. I hope you both go to ratings hell.

And take those other awful presidentiables with you!

Speaking of being a girl -- if you connive with a boy to cheat on the boy's girlfriend, and something goes horribly wrong, there's a Cebuano term for it: gaba^.

If I were the girlfriend, and I had access to all those videos, I would upload them for sure, and may they all rot in hell. Not to mention do all the things Carrie Underwood sings about in "Before He Cheats."

I am not saying the guy was right to film those videos. He wasn't. That's a given. I am just raising my eyebrows at the one crying foul. If the video hadn't been uploaded and shared with the whole world -- say, the guy voluntarily showed the video to her -- would she have been this angry? Or would she have volunteered to make another one? Come on, let's not kid ourselves. She got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, but if she hadn't gotten caught, she would most likely have reached in for another one.

Oh, and if I were a senator, and I had the reputation of being a shameless womanizer, I would shut up and find some other cause to champion. Like, I don't know, education or healthcare. Same thing with those other senators.

Why is it that, in the Philippines, there are children without classrooms, and classrooms with no roofs, and schools that teach the students to wash their hands properly but don't have running water in their bathrooms, and STILL all our leaders can do is immerse themselves in scandals and plots to stay in power?

If I were a boy, and I had a girlfriend who was madly in love with me, I would love her back. And I wouldn't cheat on her. But if I didn't love her, I would do the right thing and break up with her.

Although...if I were a girl, and I had to be a fool for something, I might as well be a fool for love.