Sunday, July 19, 2009

s u m i l o n

(Somebody stop me before I upload all 200++.)

A write-up coming right up.


coolwaterworks said...

Nice pictures Doc... I like the very first one...

Should visit Sumilon then... Was this a day stay? May I ask the range of expenses for this?

Ligaya said...

Thanks! Yes, this was a day tour. The rate is P1,500 on weekdays and P2,000 on weekends. That's inclusive of the boat transfer from Bangcogon, Oslob to Sumilon Island (and vice versa), a buffet lunch, afternoon snacks, and island activities such as snorkeling, trekking and kayaking. They don't mind if you bring your own food. Children age 4-11 can come at half-price. And if you want to stay overnight, a room costs P8,500 (up to 4 persons can be accommodated) and that's inclusive of meals and boat transfer. Hehe mura ko'g ahente sa Sumilon sah? :D pero nindot jud didto as in... enough na baya ang day tour to enjoy the island, but if you have the time, and ubay-ubay mo, mas sulit if you stay overnight :)