Sunday, September 21, 2008

the road less traveled [tends to be bumpier]

First, I avoided taking up Medicine even if my father had saved up for the tuition since I was a kid. Then I decided to become a doctor after all. After I graduated, I moved to Dumaguete, a town I'd only been to once and which I only remembered as a source of yummy pianono.* Then I outright refused to take board review classes at CIM. After nonetheless passing the boards, I let people slowly realize I wouldn't be rushing into residency. And now I'm threatening to boycott the oathtaking.

My poor mother is getting alarmed at my increasing affinity for the road less traveled.

Even my father -- who, if he had been in Manila during the dictatorship, would probably have been carted off to jail for rebellion -- is urging me to show up and is offering to pay the CMS fee etc. (He did support my reaction to the compulsory gown. Yey!)

Hmmm... Maybe I will go to the oathtaking after all. But I won't buy or rent a gown; I won't, I won't, I won't. I'll wear a nice, decent dress that I feel comfortable in, and if they don't let me in, I'll threaten them with the Constitution. Hahaha! That should make for a smooth initiation into the medical society. (I'm off my rocker, as usual.)

I suppose I ought to clarify that I am not being intentionally nonconformist. Gosh, no! I would be the first to decry going one way just because everyone else is going the other way. There are people who intentionally do things just to be different, to challenge conformity. But, as anyone might realize if one bothers to actually think, that is just a form of conformity as well. The term we used in Social Psych is counterconformity.

For example, I have nothing against mohawks. I used to entertain getting dreadlocks myself, but I didn't think my mother could bear it. I like making my mother happy more than I like the coolness of the thought of getting dreadlocks. And, anyway, I'd have had to shave my head after. And not getting to wash your hair! Ew.

Back to mohawks. If some guy really likes how he looks in a mohawk...go ahead! People have the right to choose how to look, even if they look funny. People have the right to look funny, so long as they remember other people have the right to laugh. But if a guy gets a mohawk just because he wants to be different, he wants to rebel, he wants to raise a defiant fist to the world, then that raises my eyebrows.

You refuse to blindly follow norms. But you do the exact opposite. Guess what? You're still letting the norms decide for you. On the other hand, if you do something because you think it's right, you think it's the most sensible thing to do, you have your reasons, then -- whether it's what everyone else is doing or what everyone else is afraid to do -- hats off to you, man. Mind you, you may be wrong, but having the right reasons should count for something.

And, um, yeah, that's Brad Pitt.

* If you are ever in Dumaguete, you must, you must, you must try the pianono from Gold Label. The yummiest flavors are the original and the pandan. There are several Gold Label branches, including one in Perdices St., and they usually have pianono at the Lee Plaza supermarket, too.


ness said...

Yes and amen to the Gold Label pianono!!! My all time favorite too!

As for the gown, I'll tell you a little secret. Go get one. Ngano? There will be times when as a doctor and as a woman you will actually need one. AND, it was my childhood dream to be a princess. So kung naay excuse to get one gown, go for it. You will have a few other occasions as an adult na magamit ra ang gown.

But caution, don't get fat like I did mao na nga ang akong one ever reliable gown nga ako gibalikbalik (so what, magbuot mo ganahan man ko ibalikbalik, heh) dili na dyud magkasya. Eek.

Ligaya said...

Hi doc ness! Haha, you're right! I love dressing up pod baya...unta! But I keep thinking of all those prom dresses currently languishing in my closet.

Hmmm... ACTUALLY, they wouldn't be languishing if I hadn't gone off and grown fat. So you're right on that one too! Hehehe!

bricalz said...

Suz, women.

Haha, I say get a gown, coz (gasp), (shocker), you'd actually look good in it.

Haha, for all the road less traveled-bumpier talk, and the brouhaha over wearing a gown, you pretty much conformed with the prom thingy.

Haha, jeez, I think this counts more than that prom.

Not that I'm defending the dress code that was put out there, (I wore a polo shirt and khaki pants to my PT oathtaking), but maybe just think of this as another prom. Hahaha, the difference is that this is a culminating of uhm several years of work, torture, embarassment, study and a toast for more. Hahaha.

And you know what mama gaya? I pretty much decided you guys are taking the better traveled road. Hahaha.

papa said...

We do things not because it is what is expected of us, or because it is what others are doing, but because it is the right thing to do, based on logic, reason, judgment. Man is a rational animal, and rational is what our actions should be, otherwise, what are we? We do something because we think it is the right thing to do, not because others think it is the right thing to do.