Thursday, September 11, 2008

offering a son to the Father

Since I started posting my thoughts online almost a year ago, I've realized there's a whole universe in here / out there. My friends' blogs keep me updated with what's going on in their lives. But I also regularly check out the writings of people I barely know, or only know by name, or know not at all. (I have listed them in the "Recommended Readings" box in the lower portion of the right pane of this page.) Some blogs catch my attention because they are written with wit and verve. I recently came across one -- Home of Good Ideas, written by a parent in Biliran -- that I immediately liked because of its sincerity and palpable good-natured-ness.

In this post, HGI's writer relates how he (I'm assuming it's a "he") felt when he first saw his son in a red cassock as a new altar server in the Cathedral in Naval. His son later told him how he [the son] planned to enter the seminary next year. The father confesses that his financial capacity might not be enough to see his son all the way through priesthood, but trusts that "God will provide in whatever way."

A young boy entrusting his life to God. A father willing to give him up, as Abraham, Isaac. If their love for God somehow tugs at your heartstrings, enough that you want to help, donations (even small amounts) are accepted at Home of Good Ideas.

Good night and God bless everyone!

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