Sunday, September 28, 2008

new doctors take their oaths

We crowded around the stage and were enjoined to raise our right hands. Even before the first lines of the classic oath escaped our lips, flashbulbs went off, as our friends and family attempted to capture with the camera the moment we ceased "becoming" doctors and commenced "being." Hippocrates and all his humours would have been proud.

(The Greek might not have appreciated the terrible food, though. The significance of the occasion prompts me to exercise restraint in my criticism of the fare set before us, otherwise... At the very least, I must give this advice: if you're looking for yummy breaded fish fillet, you will not find it where we had it last night.)

From here, I think I'll let the photos do the talking.

I had no guests, so Jo Anne and Sherwin "adopted" me at their table, which also included Ria (whose parents were in another table -- dah, dugay man abot, hehe!), Aimee (with her family), and JoAnne's family/friends. Jecyl Amaya (bottom, left) was there with her boyfriend Roey. Making (bottom, center) went to SM to have his hair done, according to a reliable source (nga atong itago sa pangalan nga Rey). Jet (bottom, right) was beautiful in green -- dai, angayan kaayo ka ma-bride, hahaha!

Left: Me with Jet and Lei. (We miss you, groupies Ver and Chiong!) Right: Me with Making and Neil Wayne, who was undoubtedly the star of the night, called on stage to deliver an Invocation twice.

Left: Blesil, Tina, Maricel, Lugie and me. Right: Jo Anne, Tonette, me and Ria. I suppose this would be as good a place as any to mention that my "gown" was actually a mix-and-match affair. My white corset was from our "Bleached" party in junior year; my lovely crumpled dark-gray skirt cost P100 at a sale in Metro last week (so good a bargain, I also bought another in a different color); and my bolero cost P485, kinda steep but good enough for something I know I'll be wearing over and over again. My shoes and accessories were my mother's. I did my make-up myself (even though I didn't know how three days ago) and followed Rey's advice of "less is better kung dili ka confi mag-apply." And I just blow dried my hair. Aren't I smart? (Kidding! I just love bargains and not spending unnecessarily.)

Maricel (who also didn't have guests, hu hu, luoy kaayo mi, but at least we looked fabulous), Tina (fresh from a heroic stint at Daan Bantayan), Ria (oist, ingun akong Mama gwapa jud kuno ka), me and Lugie (the girl with the blingbling around her neck, and grabe kaayo ug powers to the point nga while nagpa-picture sya ug solo, nitupad jud ang Chairman sa Board of Examiners niya ug nagpa-picture ug apil!).

Silliman alumni: Brian (you don't have a normal photo jud jud jud), Tonette (lovely in her favorite color, nidaot daw ka dai, ingun akong Mama), me, Ria, Jo Anne (best friend ni Ma'm Tiffany, hahaha!) and Sherwin (I'm sorry, that's Captain Tiamzon diay). Anning took the photo (sorry dai, hehe!).

To view all the photos from my camera, click HERE.


Maica said...

Found you, ligaya!!! =) I can't be any prouder than I already am of you - oh well, I always knew you'd make it - a great doctor and more. Please extend my best wishes and proud congrats to ria, too! You guys look aaaaamazing! Missing you guys and missing the rest of the batch! Big hugs!

ness said...

Congratulations, Gaya!
Ngano man ni gagmay au pictures uy, dili makaklaro ako above 40-years-old eyes sa inyong nga vyutees. padagku-a unya ang sunod ha. tenks. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Gay! =)